Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Halloween 2008

Collin and his cousin Isaac (the skeleton), and his cousin Weston (in between as Diego), out trick or treating on Halloween night.
On Halloween night we had Becky and Taylor and their boys, and Mike and Mel and their kids come over for dinner, then we headed out for trick or treating in our neighborhood. Here's a cute pic of all the cousins. Emma is Wednesday Adams (in the middle), Julia is a corpse bride, and Collin is Mr. Incredible and Lydia is Snow White.


Lydia and her cousin Dagen, both as snow white. So cute!

Lydia got into a bag of candy that was in the car next to her. We looked back and she was covered in chocolate.
David and I went to a Halloween party at his brother Mike's house. It was for adults only. It was way fun, but we had no costumes to wear. So we found these old clown costumes of David's parents in the garage. We added some scary makeup, and "wa-la"...scary clowns! We looked creepy.

The kids went to a Halloween party at their friends house. Julia was the corpse bride, Collin decided to be Spiderman this time, and Emma decided to be a gypsy this time. Lydia wore no costume...mom was too lazy. She sure looked cute, though.

At this Halloween party that the kids went to, they asked David if he would dress up as a dead person and scare the kids in their haunted house. Needless to say, David had a blast doing it, and the kids were scared to death!

A few days before Halloween we took the kids to Becky and Taylor's ward "trunk or treat". We wanted them to dress up in easy costumes, since we'd be getting them all "decked out" on Halloween night with their actual costumes. So Emma chose to be a witch, Julia an Indian, Collin Mr. Incredible, and Lydia is Snow White.

Monday, October 27, 2008

Pumpkin Patch

We took the kids to this huge pumpkin patch in Queen Creek, AZ called Shnepf Farms. We went on a hayride, and the kids got to ride on a small "roller coaster", and a few other rides. It was way too crowded, though. We had to stand in line the majority of the time. The kids had a blast at least!

Trip to San Antonio, TX

The middle of October David and I took Lydia to San Antonio, TX for a week long study at the University of Texas Health Science Center. The Chromosome 18 Registry and Research Society paid for our trip down there so Lydia could see LOTS of doctors and have losts of examinations and tests, so they can learn more about tetrasomy 18p, and how it affects her. It was a beneficial study, but a long week for her and for us. She had to have an MRI one day, and an endocrine study the next day, and both days they had to give her medicine to make her drowsy. This pic was taken after the endocrine study. She was soooo tired. She just
slept most of the day.
A few of the days we were able to sight-see. We went to the Riverwalk, downtown San Antonio, and saw the Alamo.

Lydia was so good on the plane. She got to have her own seat even! David's brother and sister in Phoenix took care of our other 3 kiddos while we were gone. Thank goodness for family!!!

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Roadtrip Home From Las Vegas

On our way home from Vegas we drove over the Hoover dam, which was really cool. We had to get out of our car and look over the side. It was huge!
David's brother Mike and his family were with us.
A great view of the dam.
We also passed through historic Kingman, AZ (route 66), and there was an old train that the kids got to explore.


Julia, me and Emma, riding a CRAZY spinning ride at Circus Circus.
Lydia and Aunt Becky, at Pump it Up in Vegas.
We went to Vegas for David's family's reunion. It was so fun to have all the cousins together. In front is Amanda (Jason's daughter), Emma, Taylor (Michelle's daughter), Skye (Kristin's daugher), and Nika (also Kristin's). What beautiful girls. They're enjoying a scrumptious lunch at Cafe Rio, one of our most favorite places to eat.
More girl cousins! Layken (Michelle's daughter), Jaidyn (Mike's daugher), Julia, Amanda (Jason's), and Haylee (Michelle's).
Collin and his Grandpa Doug Proudfit. What a beautiful boy that Collin is!

Trip to Las Vegas

The last weekend in September we took a trip to Las Vegas for a Proudfit family reunion. On our drive there Lydia was being so silly...I thought this was a cute pic. She put her monkey on her head. Her monkey is her most favorite thing.
While in Vegas we visited Circus Circus, a casino that has an amusement park. They had some fun rides.
Isaac (Collin's cousin, best friend and partner in crime) and Collin.
Me and my sis-in-law, Becky, having a good time!
The girl on the far left I do not know....next to her, Jaidyn, Julia, Emma, Isaac and Collin (who really is having a good time.)